Buying Wholesale Cannabis Online Is (Seriously) Better for the Environment

wholesale cannabis canada

We know carbon emissions build up in the earth’s atmosphere and heat up our planet.

But in a world where Amazon’s Prime shipping is commonplace and society demands more and more instant gratification – we don’t always stop and think about the environmental consequences.

Amazon’s package deliveries in 2017 alone emitted about 19 million metric tons of carbon, according to one estimate. “That’s just under five coal power plants,” *

That same year, FedEx was responsible for 14 million tons, and UPS for 13 million, according to CDP, a nonprofit that helps companies track emissions data.

So how can you as a consumer battle that?

How can you individually make a difference?

If you’re buying cannabis – by buying wholesale cannabis online.

  1. It uses less packaging buying wholesale
  2. You don’t have to order as often when you buy wholesale, meaning delivery vehicles spend less time on the road

> Want to help the planet by buying wholesale cannabis online?

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