Cannatek Dab Pen Cartridges

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Buy cannatek CO2 vaping oil online in Canada. Mailed express in discreet smell proof packaging. CO2 extracted cannbis oil Dab pens by Cannatek available Canada wide through our mail order site. Fast, discrete shipping

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Patients can now enjoy Cannatek’s Dab Pen Blueberry 47 premium extracts thanks to their convenient and reliable dab pen. This particular model comes with a full cartridge of the potent “Blueberry 47” concentrate. This state-of-the art inhalation delivery system allows users to experience the smooth delicious flavors of Cannatek extracts through a dependable device that is easy to use. The Cannatek dab pen is a great for concentrate users who are looking for a convenient way to treat all types of conditions. It is also a great gift idea for those who may be wary of smoking a joint, as there is little lingering smell with this vape pen. This particular flavor is very popular across the world. Combining the best features of two of the most potent and famous flower strains, Cannatek’s “Blueberry 47” Dab Pen is the closest thing to a shatter concentrate that encapsulates that best features of the powerful blueberry indica and the unmistakable effects of the AK 47 flowers. In terms of the high, patients will experienced a wonderful balance of the two strains, as they feel happy, energetic, and euphoric at first. As time passes, patients are likely to feel relaxed, hungry, tired, and sleepy.


CO2 extracted cannabis oil for the best taste and cleanest flavour. Full cartridge included with purchase. Good for 200-250 pulls. Comes in a variety of strains.


Train Wrek 70%, Super Silver Haze 75%, Congolese 82%, Island Pink 87%, Black Widow 88%, Island Pink 71%, Catch 22 80% CBD 4%THC, Mango Kush 73% THC 7D, Mango Kush, Black Indica 80%, R2D2 82%, Bubba Pink 74%


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