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Milky Way Extracts – Distillate Disposable Vape Cartridges


Milky Way extract produces the highest quality used to make cannabis vape in the market. The milky way extracts vapes has a high CBD and THC level that contributes to its potency. It has valuable therapeutic effects that are attributed to the presence of CBD. Each cartilage has 1gm of active organic distillate that containing a high amount of weed strain with natural terpenes.

These terpenes have several organic compounds that give them unique fragrances and flavors of each violator Kush strain. There are known to produce a number of therapeutic benefits. Every cartilage has 100% active ingredients from cannabis. They are lab tested to check any impurities. In addition, you can buy milky way extracts online from Budsandbeyond and enjoy the best vapes produced by cannabis. It is free from PEG, PG MCT & VG. The THC profile is more than 90%.
1.2 gram glass cartridges
510 Thread Battery (sold separately)


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