About Us

Granville Island Cannabis prides itself in offering premium organic cannabis. We are a non-profit society running a cannabis clinic and we offer cannabis free of pesticides and mold. We believe almost all the negative effects of cannabis use stem from pesticides on the buds, and improper storage of the buds.

We proudly support the movement towards the end of cannabis prohibition. We believe that through education and awareness, we can create a positive culture around cannabis and its many uses.


We are a small non-profit society that wants you to experience beautiful cannabis. Free of contaminants we believe you will better enjoy your experience.


We work with small artisan growers and we pay them fairly. We ship to you fast and appreciate your feedback.


We only sell what we use and enjoy ourselves.

Why choose us?

Knowledgeable Growers

We work with a small group of veteran activist growers. They love cannabis and they treat it that way. They ensure a clean environment for the plants and use little more than Neem oil and garlic to get rid of pests.

Free of Pesticides

It's not great to eat pesticides, but your stomach does a good job of neutralizing them. Smoking cannabis with pesticides on it send them straight to your brain and they act as Neuro-toxins!


We send you your product in discrete packages and in smell proof bags. We love cannabis, but we don't want you to have to explain yourself to anyone.


We ship the same day, priority mail with tracking.