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Why You Should Order Mushrooms Online (Canada)

Whether you’re a first timer buyer or you’ve bought mushrooms before, there’s a certain amount of uneasiness that can come from acquiring them.

This guide aims to put your questions at ease and get you your product quick and easy.

It’s Incredibly Easy to Buy Shrooms Online (Canada)

It used to be that you had to track down a source to buy mushrooms. 

You’d have to know a guy. You’d have to arrange details and payment. It felt sketchy, and it was just a huge hassle.

But not anymore. Things just got a ton easier. 

You can now buy mushrooms online in Canada with just a few clicks. You can order them just like you’d order from Amazon.

Plus, you get to browse a wide selection of shrooms and shroom edibles. Way better than the “beggars can’t be choosers” method of taking whatever you get dealt by a normal local dealer.

The shipping for all orders is Canada Post, so you’ll get your product straight to your door in 2-3 days. 

Delivery is 100% guaranteed to be in a discreet; opaque sealed package. It looks like any other parcel. Even your mailman will have no clue of the magic inside your delivery. ✨

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It’s Way Less Risky to Order Mushrooms Online (Canada)

While magic mushrooms are still technically illegal, Canadian law enforcement agencies have noted that it’s quite the gray area. 

They just aren’t as concerned as they are with things like organized crime pushing hard drugs. (Thanks for the smart move!)

Plus, if for some reason the police ever were to prosecute, it’s the dispensary that would get into trouble, not the customers.

That means it’s entirely safe to buy shrooms online versus a local shady dealer.

Plus, you have the ability to use more secure payment methods

And this isn’t even including the risk if you decide to forage them for yourself. 

There’s many mushrooms in the wild that mimic the same properties of magic mushrooms, but are instead deadly. 

But don’t sweat it, our mushroom growers are highly vetted and have a long-standing reputation as a quality source.

Don’t forget, the only stipulation is that you must be 19 to order shrooms online in Canada. 

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You Get Awesome Customer Service When You Buy Shrooms Online (Canada)

Local dealers usually only want their phone ringing if someone wants to buy. NOT if someone has a problem with their order.

With our online store, you can expect the highest level of knowledgeable, friendly customer service. 

We’ll give you a quick, helpful answer or solution to whatever your question or concern may be.

Whether you’re looking for a specific experience with magic mushrooms, questions about shipping, or anything else. Before or after the sale. We’ll help you out.

Don’t forget, the only stipulation is that you must be 19 to order shrooms online in Canada. 

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It’s Discreet to Buy Shrooms Online (Canada)

All of our packages come in non-descript, discreet packaging. 

This means:

👃 There’s absolutely no smell from the package

👁 No visual indications or markings on the package

Mail order shrooms use Canada Post express shipping, so they’ll show up with the rest of your mail.

The mailman nor anyone at your household will be able to identify what you’ve ordered. 

What’s more, with our discreet payment info, our store name will not show up on your bank account. It will be a generic line item on your bank statement. 

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You Get a Selection of Shrooms and Shroom Edibles

 We’ve got a new spin on the age-old mushroom, edibles.

Shroom edibles are a great way to enjoy the effects of mushrooms without feeling like you’re eating something odd.

Some people can eat them just fine. Some people can’t stand the taste or the texture. 

We’ve got a wide selection of gummies, chocolates, and more that has the same magic infused right inside the snack.

Every edible of ours gives you the same experience as shrooms – minus the mushroom flavor or texture. Each item comes with detailed dosing instructions. 

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Finding the right mushroom dispensary in Canada

Whether you’re a first timer or a shroom expert, finding the right shroom dispensary for you is vital to your experience. 

Give us a try and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

  • 🚚 Our orders ship in discreet packages that take 2-3 days to deliver right to your door
  • 👩‍💼 Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to help you with any questions or concernsbefore and after your sale
  • 🛒 Our wide selection of shrooms and shroom edibles gives you the ability to find your desired experience and preferences for the best possible experience

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