How Mail Order Cannabis Works in BC

Mail order cannabis in BC works under very stringent guidelines. Your order with us is placed inside an unmarked cardboard box that is odor-sealed.

There is no labelling, printed logo, or any indication whatsoever of what’s inside the cardboard box. This is done to ensure the customer’s privacy is protected.

When you come to open your box of cannabis, inside you will find an odor-resistant bag containing your product. Included in its design is a tamper-proof seal, ensuring no one unauthorized has touched what you’ve ordered.

All we need on our end is an address. It is our responsibility to ensure these shipping rules are followed. Upon receiving your package, if you feel like we haven’t done our duty, please let us know.

If you are looking for Mail Order Cannabis in BC, you are in the right place! We have the freshest products, and the fastest order to home shipping in BC. Try us out by making your first order today!


Cannabis Products Available for Sale Online

Mail-Order Cannabis Product Categories

From our online cannabis dispensary website, you are able to purchase high quality cannabis and marijuana products – we are anything but a single product marketplace. Cannabis comes in various categories including sativa, indica, hybrids, CBD, and more. Depending on what experience you want to have and the results you are looking for, any of these may be the right cannabis product for you.

Sativa strains of cannabis are known to energize, increase creativity and focus, and reduce stress and anxiety. Sativa gives what is called a ‘head high’ as opposed to indicas which give a ‘body high’. If you’re looking to get some work done or concentrate on something you’re investing time into, some sativa may help.

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Indica strains of cannabis are known to be intensely relaxing. They create a form of physical sedation albeit very gently. Indica is an excellent addition to when you want to relax with a movie at home. Indicas have also been shown to produce favorable results in decreasing nausea, treating acute pain, reducing anxiety, and combating seizures.

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Hybrids are when a crossbreed is produced from a sativa and indica. A hybrid doesn’t need to be split 50/50 and therefore, there are many types of hybrid cannabis strains delivering all sorts of different experiences. Hybrid strains are often given names like Banana Kush, Blue Dream, and similar identifiers.

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CBD is short of cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. While THC gets you high, CBD does not. CBD works in the physical body akin to a pharmaceutical medication and is commonly used to treat sleep disorders, anxiety, seizures, and chronic pain. CBD is a great cannabis product to try if you don’t want to get high.

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At Your Online Cannabis Dispensary in Vancouver, Buy Weed Online with Delivery!

There’s no safer way to buy cannabis than through Granville Cannabis, your go-to online cannabis dispensary in Vancouver.

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s our highest priority to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. This is why we not only have highly trained cannabis consultants ready to assist in any way we can but we’ve also made ordering product online easy.

Browse dozens of high-quality marijuana products, choose your favourites, and arrange for delivery at your convenience.

Here’s everything you need to know when ordering from our online cannabis dispensary in Vancouver.


Welcome to our new mail order cannabis website!

Thanks for checking us out. We just launched our new website and, while we are proud of it, we are still working out some kinks. We are adding more items and we are trying to fix things like our categories containing the things they should. We hope to have the site running smoothly by the 16th of February. Please note that we are a mail order only site at the moment. Please do not go to our old address.