How Mail Order Cannabis Works in BC

Mail order cannabis in BC works under very stringent guidelines. Your order with us is placed inside an unmarked cardboard box that is odor-sealed.

There is no labelling, printed logo, or any indication whatsoever of what’s inside the cardboard box. This is done to ensure the customer’s privacy is protected.

When you come to open your box of cannabis, inside you will find an odor-resistant bag containing your product. Included in its design is a tamper-proof seal, ensuring no one unauthorized has touched what you’ve ordered.

All we need on our end is an address. It is our responsibility to ensure these shipping rules are followed. Upon receiving your package, if you feel like we haven’t done our duty, please let us know.

If you are looking for Mail Order Cannabis in BC, you are in the right place! We have the freshest products, and the fastest order to home shipping in BC. Try us out by making your first order today!