How to Buy Shrooms Online in Vancouver

Medicinal fungi has given scientists many impressive medically-active compounds now commonly used today in antibiotics, anti-cancer medications, immunosuppressants, and more.

Shrooms – aka magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms – belongs to a group of medicinal fungi. When ingested, shrooms produce a psychedelic effect in the body. Many researchers are arguing for widespread legalization of shrooms as they could prove to a strong medicinal solution to tough-to-treat conditions such as treatment-resistant depression.

Recreational And Therapeutic Benefits of Shrooms

When one ingests shrooms for the first time, they may not have a full grasp of what’s going to occur.

From a recreational standpoint, it is common to experience visual and auditory hallucinations approximately 30 minutes after consumption. Enhanced colors, light, increased visual acuity, shapes, and sounds are all to be expected.

From an emotional standpoint, one may cease to be able to discern what is reality and what is fantasy. Lack of concentration and relaxation are common. Depending on the headspace of someone before they ingest shrooms, the trip can either be a positive or negative experience.

From a therapeutic standpoint, the effects of taking shrooms are predominantly positive if ingested in the correct amount. The following are the conditions that have been shown, with scientific research, to be treatable using psilocybin.

  • Depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Quitting smoking
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Substance abuse
  • Cluster headaches
  • End-of-life psychological distress

More data is being produced every year from universities and medical institutions like Johns Hopkins suggesting that there could be a significant list of advantages to using psilocybin medicinally.

The Latest Developments in the Legalization of Psilocybin for Therapeutic Use

Discussions around the legalization of psilocybin continue to take place in provinces, states, territories, and countries all over the world.

Closer to home, in May 2019, Denver, Colorado became the first US city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms. Though this doesn’t legalize magic mushrooms, this prevents the incarceration of individuals who use or possess it.

In addition to discussions happening at a government level, in the private sector, many corporate investors are putting money into researching psychedelic mushrooms with the ultimate hope of achieving legalization and bringing a product to market.

There is a lot of dispute around the medicinal effects of psilocybin with many actors at the top level of government continuing to believe the potential for abuse is high and that there isn’t enough research to back legalization for accepted medical use.

That said, various trials are in place in countries all over the world. Widespread study of shrooms continues to support legalization, at least at a medicinal level. Regardless of any person’s opinion, the data cannot be disputed.

There are also places where psilocybin is used and is culturally accepted without issue. In countries like the Netherlands, psilocybin is considered a type of food, and its cultivation and sale are regulated accordingly.

In Canada, there are currently no approved therapeutic products containing psilocybin. Fortunately, many Canadians continue to challenge the prohibition on the sale of shrooms. Dispensaries online in Vancouver have come to sell shrooms among other products and acceptance of their use is on the increase as well.

Some say it’s only a matter of time before the conversation of shrooms legalization goes the same way that cannabis did.

Benefits of Ordering Shrooms or Magic Mushrooms from a Local Online Dispensary

If you’re looking for magic mushrooms or psilocybin, we strongly recommend to buy shrooms online in Vancouver. Here’s why.

When you order shrooms for delivery to your front door, they arrive in an unmarked cardboard box and are odor-sealed. Your privacy is high-priority when it comes to shipping psilocybin in Canada.

You do not have to visit an online dispensary in-person to order shrooms in Vancouver, either. Convenient and discreet, you can rest assured that no one will know or suspect what you’ve ordered.

Like the pre-legalization days of cannabis, you also never know the quality of the product. Whomever you’re buying it from, you’re trusting them that they’ve done what they need to do and are selling you the product you believe you’re getting. With psilocybin, this isn’t something you want to chance. When you order shrooms online from a Vancouver dispensary, you’re receiving a high-quality tested product.